There are many benefits of attending baby classes for both parent and baby

Child and parent bonding

As new parents it is so important to make time to spend solely with your baby, its so easy to be so ‘busy’ with housework and keeping up with day to day tasks as well as battling exhaustion that one to one bonding bonding is often forgotten. Attending regular classes every week is one way to tick that box!

Social development and interaction

Whether your baby is a social butterfly or more reserved, participating in baby and toddler classes will help develop their social skills.
A class environment provides a fun and relaxed way for them to feel more confident within the class, around new people and more importantly other babies.
As a new parent who has also had a huge change in lifestyle, meeting other new parents or just getting out can often feel challenging.
Coming to baby classes where everyone is in the same boat provides a good place to overcome this. 

Improving Language Skills

Language development is an extremely important part of a child’s development. It allows a baby to try and express themselves and communicate with you. Attending baby and toddler classes where speech and language is used throughout will promote this.

Our classes use songs throughout, and singing with your baby will help early language and literacy skills.

Developing Motor Skills

Developing motor skills at an early age will have huge benefits to your babies and toddlers when they start to learn more challenging skills. Skills that may benefit from this are holding a pencil and learning to write when your child starts school.
During the classes using motor skills are encouraged by using equipment such as scarfs, claves and ribbon rings. These are used weekly and the babies and toddlers eventually recognise what prop relates to each song and action. 

Emotional Regulation

Having other children around your babies or toddlers will have a positive effect on their social skills.

It will introduce them to a range of different emotions like patience, empathy, sharing, kindness and other necessary skills to enable them to emotionally develop.

Confidence Building

During classes there will be lots of opportunities to confidence build for your babies and toddlers as part of the activities. Your child will need to practice playing independently and as part of a group, this will help them experience all different types of play and enable them to have a positive experience which will in turn boost their confidence.

Brain Stimulation

Activities such as singing, dancing, action songs and sensory play are all forms of interaction that can help development in a child.
During the class your babies and toddlers are looking, listening, touching and  feeling, which enables them to keep in touch with their senses. This can all stimulate brain development in a child.